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Office Hours
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[has decided to offer office hours twice a week for any students interested in seeking out extra help with German--or for students struggling with the assignments he's been handing out in his culture-studies class on Gerhard Richter.  settled into the chair at his desk, he thumbs through a book and waits for someone to arrive]
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[tentatively knocks on Müller's door. He's desperately in need of help with German, academically and otherwise.]

[looks up at the knock] Come in.

[enters] Um. Afternoon, Herr Müller. I, uh, came by to get some help with German. ["oh my word, what a stud. wait, that's not right, is it"]

[oh, this is the small boy from the wrestling team. lovely.]

Yes. You're in my intro class, correct? [frowns] Nelson, yes?

Yes sir. [fidgetfidget] So um is now a good time for you?

[It's after hours, and Veidt is on his way out of the school. As he passes Muller's office, he slows, and stops... What was that noise?

He walks over to the door, and listens for a moment, then puts his hand to the doorknob, turning it as silently as he can. He pushes the door open, enough to catch a glimpse of the whiteboard and Muller's desk in front of it.

His eyes go wide, then narrow to a thin line.

Then, in the blink of an eye, Veidt is through the door, and moving.]

[looks up in time to see Veidt fling the door open. reflexively takes a step away from Nelly, but aside from that, he does nothing to shrink from Veidt's oncoming motion]

[Veidt sees Muller step away from Nelly and knows he's lost the element of surprise, but does not halt his onward rush. At the last moment, just as he's about to crash into Muller, he swerves and ducks down, hooking the other man's leg so that he's thrown off balance and into the whiteboard.]

[crashes back into the whiteboard, but not before snagging the collar of Veidt's shirt and dragging him down into the fall]

[Veidt ducks down, under Muller's arm, and twists, using the momentum to turn Muller face-first into the whiteboard. At the same time, he seizes the other man's arm and twists it up behind him, in a profoundly uncomfortable position. His grip is like iron, and if Muller moves in the wrong way, his elbow is likely to be dislocated.]

[hissing] Explain this. Now.

[has obeyed Muller's command to turn around just in time to see Veidt enter the room. The flush drains from his face, and he hastily rearranges himself, mildly terrified. Situation aside, he had no idea that Mr V could move like that]

[Once Veidt has Muller immobilized, he spares a glance over at Nelly, taking in the boy's condition-- his state of undress, the flush in his cheeks, the bruises starting to darken his skin. His lips narrow to a thin, white line, but he keeps his voice calm, conversational.]

Nelly? Would you go to my office and wait there for me, please?

[Doesn't quite meet Mr Veidt's eyes, the color in his cheeks starting to shift from arousal to shame. He gets his clothes back in order and says in a very small voice:]

Yes sir.

[He slips past them and out of Muller's office with a single anxious backward glance]

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